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Poetry - published
Longings of a Listless Mind for Tunnel Zine (July 2016)
Without Form for Rookie Mag (March 2016)
Politics and Confessional for Crashtest Mag (January 2016)
Tuesday for Issue 3 of Zine Club (September 2015)
Youth for Heartbreak Nation (October 2015)
Perimeter for Infinite Scroll Mag no. 4 (August 2015)
A Dichotomy for Crybaby Zine (April 2015)
March, in Three Parts for Inky Magazine (March 2015)
Figs for Crybaby Zine (October 2015)
In the Window Across the Street for Ology Journal (December 2015)

Apricot for The Teacup Trail (forthcoming)
Dali and Dreams (unpublished)

Biennale Thoughts for Die Barliner (October 2016)
Contributing Writer for ACURE World (March 2015- October 2015) link to author archives, sample articles below)

          Tame Impala – Cause I’m A Man
          Aisha Zeijpveld’s Mythical Portraits
          Meet Sydney Sie
          “La Luna” by Beatmachinearon & Confessions of a Bad Meditator

Knopfler Stem Cell Lab Essay Competition (July 2012)
Contributing Writer for Tongue Tied Mag (October 2015 - January 2016)

          Artist Feature: Peyton June Leatherman

For Lack: On Ecopoetry for The Junction Journal (August 2015)
Moving Along for personal blog (July 2015)

Mona for Plasma Dolphin (February 2016)
A Time Unknown for Plasma Dolphin (June 2015)
The Walk Home for Plasma Dolphin (October 2014)
The Two Chapters for Plasma Dolphin (September 2015)
Teenage Diary Collective (May 2016)
The Wandering Collective (May 2016)

Palm Trees by Wayne Thiebaud (1965)

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