Thursday, November 5, 2015

manual labor, eh?

I volunteered on a farm with some friends two weekends ago. It was so nice and autumnal and I felt like the sun was always on the cusp of setting.

two books I have enjoyed recently: 1 & 2
also this song 


  1. These pictures are so pretty, I wish lived by a tree like that, I would take pictures of it all day!!!!

  2. It looks really nice! for some reason, the song (ace suggestion btw!!) kinda reminds me of the photos of outside. They have a cold, autumn, peaceful, happy, present but not present in a nostalgic way feel to them. I kinda reminds me of this song called Madlib - Episode XXIII! The second book sounds really interesting!

    1. thanks bb! I am listening to the song right now-- I dig SO MUCH! there's something about like jazzy piano overlays that #slays me thanks for the recommendation