Thursday, August 27, 2015

the importance of being iceland

"The bay, the town, the boats, the day danced surreally in the artist's morbid lens. At night the art turned back on itself [...] a fragment here and there of a word: cold, grim, hot. But you know - words don't do it. They don't. They never say enough. Ask any writer. Language just fails. It's not place at all. " (35)

"Travel is not transcendence. It's immanence. It's trying to be here." (41)

"She raises her arms and smiles. Energy moves in the stillness of the pose [...] The sweetness in the extremeness outside." (91)

On writing poems: "The earlier poet had this idea of a lyre in nature, a stringed instrument that nature strums. Wind hits the strings. I am also that." (159)

"Sometimes you stay around long enough to see things you missed. Whole decades come back, and this is actually the most orienting thing that can happen in New York, a city that's so utterly about people and time and the prestige certain individuals continually resonate." (261)

"I don't like metaphor, but things lie next to each other pretty nicely, especially in real life." (272)

On fireworks: "Let it be just this once, then it happened again." (356)

Eileen Myles, "The Importance of Being Iceland"

Listening to this old michael cera album and tryin' to power through the last of the summer work. Hope you are having a wonderful end of summer. 


  1. I think Michael Cera is the only way to play yourself out of summer.

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic

  2. dudeeeeee i'm readin g infern o a mem oir by eileen myles rn an d omg i wanna read the icelan d on e really bad!

    1. ugh want 2 read so bad!!!! let me know what you think :* :* :*