Friday, June 26, 2015

two art books

I have been reading a lot of art books in an unplanned series. It is strange when a pattern seems suddenly so obvious in all the things you have read. Read on for some recommendations.

widow basquiat
by Jennifer Clement

This slim little biography of Basquiat relies heavily on the narration of his long-term lover Suzanne Mallouk (although in this sense the book is just as much about her life as it is his). Cameos include Madonna, Andy Warhol and more. Clement's writing is both vivid and jarring and I think captures both the ugliest and most beautiful elements of Basquiat and Mallouk's life, as well as that vibrant time in New York. 

my avant garde education
by Bernard Cooper

This memoir by Bernard Cooper is honest and written with a lot of stylistic touches like that of a fictional read. He writes of his "avant-garde" education at the new art school CalArts, as well as his personal struggles with his sexuality and artistic expression. He also weaves in pieces of art that were significant to different parts of his life, and explores the idea of the dematerialization of art and post-modernism, but in a really engaging and personal way. 


  1. Love this! The first collage is beautiful
    x Inés

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  3. Both books sound really interesting, I think I'll check them out. x