Friday, January 30, 2015

three poets who might change your life

Behind My Eyes by Li-young Lee
lush and interesting poetry, which explores the immigrant experience and family. the way he ties in nature is really fascinating.
poems like the end of autumn
the lake keeps changing its mind / undecided between the word for the end of August / and the color just before grapes ripen

Selected Poems by William Carlos Williams
yes, yes he has been mentioned here before, I'm sure. still, he really influenced the way I see poetry. he does so very much with so few words.
poems like Sunday morning 
I have eaten / the plums / that were in / the icebox / and which / you were probably / saving / for breakfast / Forgive me / they were delicious / so sweet / and so cold

A Village Life by Louise Glück 
glück's poems are incredibly peaceful and interesting. they draw especially from simple domestic scenes which I think makes them all the more powerful.
poems that feel like a quiet summer evening.
The sea doesn't change as the earth changes / it doesn't lie. / You ask the sea, what can you promise me / and it speaks the truth; it says erasure

Thursday, January 8, 2015

december favorites

Ida is a Polish film about an orphan on the verge of becoming a nun, when she discovers a dark secret about her past. This film was so beautiful--the silliness and use of silence was incredible. It almost didn't feel like a foreign film because there was so little dialogue. Every shot felt like it was individually crafted and the choice of black and white was excellent.

This band is pretty specular-- think they are a great balance between "thinking music" and just being really tender and calming. I guess they make me feel a whole lot of different ways. I am a big fan of this acoustic version of Trying to Sleep (see above) and their song Australia

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is a tumblr and more recently a spectacular youtube channel. They take specific feelings from various languages and translate them into English. Somehow they pinpoint all these really interesting moods that are hard to place a finger on. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015




a small and random post of assorted tidbits
on my mind and in my journal.

above // two recent watercolors and an interesting palette 

below // tasty little rugelach and a latte
a quick journal entry