Sunday, December 14, 2014

films of late


Trainspotting, the classic Scottish film about heroin addicts, is intense and gritty and disgusting but still completely worth the watch. There is something raw about this existence that is squalor disguised in extreme ecstasy, and it is a film that is oh so alive. It does not go out of its way to be likable, but I think it manages to be in the end.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock is an Australian film about four girls who go missing one day on a picnic. At first I thought it was a science fiction movie, then horror, and then I wasn't really sure any more. The plot was a little strange and aimless, like a dream really, and it was almost driftless. Still, I found it very thought provoking, even if it lacked any direction.


Renoir is a French film about the family of the famous artist, who reside in the South of France. It was very pretty, filled with flowery countryside, but lacked a certain amount of substance. Still, it was a solid romance flick if you are in the mood for some escapism.


This film is the story Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis. He struggles with physical and mental health issues throughout the course of the film, which go somewhat unresolved, as he tries to balance a growing family and a skyrocketing music career. I thought this movie was artfully done, if a bit of a downer. Every shot seemed so well put together-- I would definitely recommend it.


  1. Hey Claire.
    Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my post, it made me smile. Yes I do think repetition isn't inherently bad, and maybe you're right- maybe it is too easy to beat on about it when the world feels repetitive. I think my issue is maybe when ideas are suggested to be open minded/liberal just because they're repeated a lot, which to me doesn't suggest open mindedness/critical thought. who knows though!? :)

    I love trainspotting! Have you read the book? Thanks for the other film suggestions, will have to add them to the list. (have to admit that I wasn't that big on picnic at the hanging rock, maybe because of the aimlessness that you describe, though it is great for sound and visuals)

    1. i'm so glad! I have not but would love to. Will add to my list :)

  2. all of these films look entirely top notch, will add them to my list!!
    bella x

  3. I've only seen Renoir from this list, and I agree, it's beautiful visually and pleasant to watch but it could have more substance. Happy holidays!

  4. wow turnt im glad you liked it is this creepy idk

    1. SUPER TURNT no its not creepy its just edgy

  5. i've only ever seen picnic at hanging rock; and it was so beautiful yet terrifying (like the moment when Edith first screams)- i'm definitely adding the rest of these to my list.