Tuesday, December 2, 2014

favorites of november

some things I have been enjoying this past month. have any recommendations?

Over the past few weeks, I fell in love with the goofy album Salad Days by Mac Demarco. It is so groovy and laid-back, but also really moving, like the epitome of sad surfer music (consider me the president of that fan club). My favorite off this album is definitely "Chamber of Reflection" and off some other albums I really like "Ode to Viceroy" and "My Kind of Woman." 

Beginners was a really wonderful and aesthetically pleasing movie that explores the redeeming power of love. It follows Oliver, whose father comes out as gay at the age of 78, and shortly after finds out that he has terminal cancer. This forces Oliver to address his own relationship failures (romantic and otherwise), as he falls in love with a woman named Anna. It reminded me a lot of the movie Her; both stylistically and in its inclusion people who seem to love loneliness. Definitely a must-see.

by Helen Oyeyemi

This book raises a lot of interesting questions, with a fast-paced start, but peters out towards the end and has little time to answer all the questions it raises. Still, Oyeyemi is a master of coming-of-age tales, and makes strange insights into the way we view ourselves. Her "fairytale" like narrative blends the surreal with the real in a really beautiful war. Boy, Snow, Bird follows Boy Novak, who escapes a difficult childhood to small-town Massachusetts. She marries, and finds herself growing into a wicked stepmother she never expected. Though I found the plot of this book somewhat underwhelming, I would be interesting in reading something else by this author, if only for the prose. 

“For reasons of my own I take note of the way people act when they’re around mirrors.” 


  1. Mac Demarco! Beginners! I love them both! I haven't read the book you mentioned although it sounds interesting. As for recommendations: Melody's Echo Chamber, Snow Mantled Love, Frances Ha and Norwegian Wood are wonderful music/films/books x

    1. AHH SUCH A FRANCES HA FANGRL! Snow Mantled Love is fab. I will have to check out the other you mentioned :*