Thursday, August 28, 2014

favorites of august

The Paris Review is a certain species of literary magazine that I was always too afraid to pick up because it seems so intimidating and intellectual-- like austere covers and "will there be a test on this?!" kind of material. However, this edition has a cute dog on the front which kept my fears at bay. I was pleasantly surprised, because in this edition of The Paris Review, I found a set of winning short stories and poems. There were interviews that read like listening to the conversations of really smart people and were a jumping point for so many new authors. The art was really charming and complemented the reading. Lesson learned. 

I'll admit I'm a little late to the Belle and Sebastian party, but this famed Scottish indie band have such great tunes for the coming autumn. I love the way their songs pair such seemingly melancholy vocals with pretty upbeat riffs. Belle and Sebastian manage to walk the line of catchy and thoughtful better almost any band I know. Some of my favorite songs are 'A Summer Wasting', 'Judy and the Dream of Horses', and 'Is It Wicked Not to Care?'

by Anders Nilsen

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow is a profoundly emotionally affecting. It is a short read, and I finished it in one sitting in a cafĂ©. This book composed of a variety of mixed media-- scraps, postcards, comics, maps, letters. Don't Go Where I Can't Follow is an incredible book that says so much with so little. 

There you have it, the month of August! What have you been enjoying?
more posts in the works, talk to you guys soon <3