Thursday, February 13, 2014

the crackle of a record & some favorites

I will never fully understand people who say that the sound quality of vinyl is inherently better than that of a digital audio file. If anything, it seems to be the opposite- records are clunky, easily damaged or scratched, and somewhat awkward to transport, but that is precisely why they still have value. The inconvenience is worth it: when you delicately lower the needle onto the grooves of a record, that flawed but warm sound of a song on record fills a room, with its crackling backdrop like the crinkling of paper.

I also think there is something wonderful is the way it is so stationary. With an iPod, music is can be listened to anywhere, which is convenient certainly but has made me trivialize music. Records require patience (listening to a whole album in one place can be more difficult than it sounds!). Instead of just a favorite song or two off of an album, you commitment to a specific place in space. I don't mean to bash modern day technology (because here I am, blogging!) but records have such a soft spot in my heart. Read on for some of my personal favorite, both new and old.{favorites below}

From top to bottom:
1 // Bloom - Beach House
2 // Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits - Simon and Garfunkel
3 // Fade - Yo La Tengo
4 // Suzanne Vega
5 // Illinois - Sufjan Stevens
6 // Juno Soundtrack - Various Artists

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