Saturday, February 15, 2014

today is // for embracing the hallmark

The days after Valentine's: a chance to score some half price candy. You may also begin to feel somewhat disillusioned with love and the saccharine way it appears to be presented in the media. Despite all this, love is WORTH celebrating. Below are some guaranteed (okay, maybe not) ways to combat those THE-ONLY-TRUE-LOVE-IS-WHAT-I-FEEL-WITH-PEANUT-BUTTER moods.

Soul Pancake's videos on love - here is a recent one- always manage to feel like a sappy old grandma (I definitely teared up in this one!).

Modern day romance- I wonder what becomes of this generation and what stories will some day be told.

I watched Notting Hill, and it (temporarily at least) restored my faith in humanity.

Some hot dates, maybe?

I adore these poems, and certainly not just the love ones.

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