Wednesday, February 26, 2014

an update + amélie

Sorry for the lack of posts 'round here. I spent the past taking Driver's Ed, a class that is fun if you really like acronyms. I've generally been pretty lazy lately, and I'm not sure if I should apologize. There is definitely a peak laziness season where you need to maximize unproductive time: late winter, where it is all too frozen over to bear, and the end of summer, when the heat makes it impossible to process much more than a steady stream of light from a screen. I just finished watching Amélie and I must say it is quite an endearing movie. She charmed me with her little impish smile. Even the credits were beautiful. I recommend it if you have a little time.
DISCLAIMER: Do NOT watch if you feel the slightest inclination to go to Paris. This movie will amplify that by probably an unbearable amount. *clicks away to other tab of picture of macarons*

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