Thursday, December 5, 2013

Phone Case DIY

I though I'd switch it up a lil' bit with a DIY Phone Case.
I'm  embarrassingly bad at this sort of crafts thing on account of laziness imprecision issues, heh, but even I could figure this out. it saves you a bunch of money and you get to keep it ~*FRESH*~ and #QUIRKY with a whole bunch of unique phone cases!
I've only tried it with an iPhone as of now, but I'm sure it would work with another kind of phone as well. Just adjust accordingly, and good luck my friends.

Step 1: Acquire phone and case. This will probably require standing in the AT&T store for a few hours. It will probably eventually devolve into something like this, at which point you go just a little bit stir crazy and start to think of crawling under the nearest phone display and retreating into a turtle shell and/or you begin to see your bearded AT&T salesperson as Santa. This is not to discourage you, though. I bough my case online and any clear case will do. I purchased a Speck case, because I am a klutz and I hoped that it would protect the best (It's held up so far!) but you can get much cheaper cases on Amazon (disclaimer: I have no idea if these work or last as long).

Step 2: Find some pretty pictures to cut out from magazines or print out from online. I felt a twinge of guilt at chopping up some of my favorite magazines (SACRILEGE!) but it was for a good cause (right…?). It will be easier to cut cleanly if you use some form of thicker paper (like card stock) but this is not necessary.

other assorted glittery things in direct daylight that scalded my pupils a little

Step 3: Use the back of your phone to carefully trace the outline of your phone onto the thing that you want to become your phone decal. Cut it out.

Ft. Socks

Step 4: Use your phone case to trace the outline of the camera hole onto the phone decal. Cut out.

Step 5: Put this into the back of the case and then stick your phone in. Voila! Look at you, Martha Stewart (MStew?). No more plain old phone cases.


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