Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Old Cookbook Gems

Found this old cookbook at a thrift store with the intention of choppin' it up for some collaging material. However, I was sidetracked (as often I am) by the recipes inside. Some of them cracked me up, including recipes for maple syrup, fish stick polynesian and other bizarre concoctions. 

Fish Sticks Polynesian w/ canned pineapple "tidbits", plenty of sugar and, of course, fish sticks!

"using a fancy pasta is still one of the least expensive ways to make an ordinary dish seem special" it's like I don't even need a punchline for this stuff.

Above, left: Pear Banana Lime Mold (has lettuce as an ingredient) 
Above, right: SURPRISE pie! Filling is oatmeal and coconut

In its full glory: Good Food on a Budget

It's interesting how our perceptions of what is "good" food and what is "bad" food change over the years. This haughty-high-faultin' derision of these recipes is not intended to be ungrateful in any way- I'm sure it's all perfectly fine food and plenty of people I know still eat this way. But it certainly isn't any sort of food haute couture (French words are that necessary extra oomph of pretentiousness). 

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