Friday, December 27, 2013

today is // a leftovers sort of day

this is, in fact, an authentic christmas cracker crown with used wrapping paper letters… waste not want not?

Seasons greetings! This past Christmas Eve, we had company. In an orchestra of preparation, things were shuffled away, the house strung with lights, a Simon and Garfunkel record crooned on the windowsill, pots nested on the stove for hours. I couldn't resist lifting their heavy lids and breathing in the steam. Beef simmering in beer and juicy salmon nestled in layers of buttery pastry (not cut out for vegetarianism!) and vegetables roasting in the oven until they became crisp and sweet- with more than enough for a few day's worth of generous leftovers!

It is now the day after Christmas, a darker day of contemplation. Clouds have obscured our temporary spell of sun and snow now falls gently. My hands feel chapped from the cold air. It seems suitable for reflection. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. The mornings always begin early, with presents stacked by the base of the tree. The half nibbled cookies next to the fire. The scent of fir trees throughout the house. I think it manages to make everyone retreat into a slightly younger version of themselves- there are few other times of year when it seems to acceptable to be excited about singing cheesy (eventually irritating) songs. The way all of our inner Grinches shed their outer layer of cynicism for a few minutes, a few minutes where the lights can dance in the reflection of our eyes and we manage to stuff ourselves to a level we didn't think possible before.

It is a leftovers sort of day. Excuse me, I need some alone time with this Ritter.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas- and, oh my, is it fruitcake weather?

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